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I like travelling, my dog, writing long trains of thought, and avoiding my problems.

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I have a holdall with a sleeping bag strapped to the top, a backpack, and a tote.
It doesn’t SOUND like much, but I seriously think I’m going to have to re-pack everything because I don’t think it’s possible for me to walk two steps with this omg.


"We don’t like pictures like this. It is not good to deduce an entire country to the image of a person reaching out for food. It is not good for people to see us like this, and it is not good for us to see ourselves like this. This gives us no dignity. We don’t want to be shown as a country of people waiting for someone to bring us food. Congo has an incredible amount of farmland. An incredible amount of resources. Yes, we have a lot of problems. But food is not what we are reaching for. We need investment. We need the means to develop ourselves." 

(Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo)


Tokyo Disney Resort:)

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Tony Hammond

Months ago, Beka and I booked Megabus tickets because she doesn’t have a railcard (would you believe that the bus takes 2 hours longer and is actually £3 more expensive than train+railcard?!)

Anyway. I semi remembered that my train home didn’t work as well as I would have wanted it to but only checked it out again this morning.
After 4 nights camping at a festival and 5 hours travelling to Edinburgh, I have another hour and a half to wait before my 2ish hour journey home and I am hating Past Me for agreeing to this! D:


if any of my followers are completely dreading going back to school this year in fear of being bullied or just getting through the day with depression, please remember that you can do it!!! you are strong and beautiful and amazing!!! and if you ever need advice or someone to vent to my ask is always open; i understand how awful going to school can be for some people and i am here to cheer you on when shit gets rough!!! I LOVE YOU AND YOU CAN DO IT!

Just tried to take Dexter for a walk. We got literally 3 minutes down the road before she kept pulling for me to take her home.
Pretty sure aliens have done a switcheroo or something because really?!