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I like travelling, my dog, writing long trains of thought, and avoiding my problems.

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Foo Fighters - Tired of You

So it’s getting late & I’m getting weird, but let’s have a lil moment to think about how good I’m feeling right now, despite all the times I felt the absolute worst and really couldn’t see how it could get better and just man.

Honestly I don’t really know, I’ve been trying to avoid it today ‘cause I know that’s all we’ll hear for weeks haha.
Most of the people I know, though, said that they weren’t really bothered either way and everyone kinda knew it was gonna be a no, so I think most people are fine with it!
How are things your way? Are people disappointed we’re not leaving? hahah

In happier news, though, I got another reminder email from Bunac and the fact that it’s a real possibility that Beka and I could work abroad next summer is too good.

ALSO for the first time in days, it’s not foggy here right now and it’s kinda nice to be able to actually see out my window.
And, y’know, I have Jaffa Cakes and New Girl, so today is gonna be awesome even if my Mac doesn’t arrive.

Haha, I hope so! I kinda feel like a kid having a strop right now and just being like, “I don’t even want it anymoore!” Hahah
Omg the bank are the worst for that. I mean I guess it’s good that they like to check it’s actually you but it can be frustrating!
I remember the first time I bought a doll and they phoned like, “Uh, someone just bought stuff with your card from Korea…?” :P

So it’s been a week and a half since my Mac was supposed to be delivered, which I know is not a huge amount of time, but I’m still a little impatient, y’know?
But it’s fine ‘cause it’s going to arrive today.

Until I checked my tracking and read that, for some completely bizarre, unknown reason, they apparently tried to deliver it yesterday? Even though I have an e-mail that explicitly says, “Yeah, we’ll deliver it on Friday the 19th”?!

Kinda so done at this point I don’t even want to give them my money anymore. If it really doesn’t arrive today, I might just try and cancel tomorrow because uuugh.

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Who’s a good boy? You’re a good boy!
Who devours the flesh of mortals? You devour the flesh of mortals!

Poseable “Cerberus in a Can” now available in our Etsy shop.

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